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We capture video for all events. Our services include Music Videos, Weddings, Formal Events, Documentaries, Promo/Recap videos for party promoters & venues, and Promotional Videos for all businesses.


Our team of photographers capture memorable moments of any event.


We provide editing for any visual project that is already shot. Just tell us your vision and we'll make it reality.



About SVP

Surrealist Video Productions was established in the summer of 2016 as a subsidiary of Surrealist Nation. This independent video company, also known as SVP, was created to help bring the visions of any independent music artist to life. In addition to music videos and live-performance recording,this company has expanded to include promo/recap videos, documentaries, weddings, and  sporting event coverage for any business small or large. We aspire to make our clients’ vision a reality.


Travel Package

If any video work is done 60 miles or further  from Charleston, SC travel expenses will be sent in an invoice along with the deposit of the service to be provided. This is to be paid a week in advance of travel.


Each wedding package includes different elements and an email inquiry can be sent in order to get the best package to suit your needs as you will receive a pricing brochure with detailed information. Prices range from $750-$1250.

Promotional Video

This service includes an hour of recording time at any event or for any business.  These videos will be designed to fit the customer’s needs and include an intagram promo version of the video and be uploaded to YouTube as well.

Short Film

This service consist of shooting and editing a short film not to exceed a day of shooting. If the need is only to edit or film that will be a different price as specified in the invoice received upon service request.

Recap Video

Recap videos are promo videos specifically for parties or reoccurring events and capture the excitement and anticipation for the next event to come. Prices vary depending on amount of hours needed for coverage. Videos will be created and able to be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Live Event

This service is at a per hour rate and is for any live event including but not limited to parties, speeches, concerts, performances, and church sermons.

Sporting Season Package

This seasonal package is offered for 8th-12th grade student athlete and will include 5-10 games depending on the sport. There will be an additional charge for a skills assessment. This assessment designed to help athletes in football and basketball get prepared to qualify for collegiate and professional sports.

Highlight Tape

Coaches, trainers, parents and players can request game footage highlights and individual highlights to be reviewed and displayed by the user. These highlight videos will be uploaded to YouTube and available for viewing.

Sporting Event Coverage

Sporting event coverage will be provided at an hourly rate. This coverage will be provided live as well if requested. Full game footage will be provided as part of this service.

Documentary Package

Any Documentary will be recorded on an hourly basis and will consist of an increase in price for editing time that exceeds an hour. Pricing specifications will be sent in an invoice. This documentary will be uploaded to YouTube and any other viable platform upon request.

Interview Package

Interviews can be recorded in a studio or in an outdoor or indoor setting. The pricing varies based on length. Any interview that is 15 minutes or greater will see in an increase in price.

Music Video

Music Video pricing starts with a flat fee for two locations within 30 minutes of each other. The package will include a promo of the music video upon request. These videos will be in high quality and uploaded directly to YouTube.

Meet Our Team

Our Independent Videographers and Photographers are Listed Below
Darrell Alston

Darrell Alston

CEO/Lead Videographer
Daisha Finley

Daisha Finley

Photographer/Assistant Videographer
Brandon Scott

Brandon Scott


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